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In order to please God we must live by some core principles and values which are found in the word of God.We must actually be 100% committed to literally working for God.We must also have compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters. It's also very important for us to share our knowledge with each other. Doing this will allow us all to advance, because when you share information, it forces you to learn more. As followers of Christ, there are things we must do! We must continually seek God on a daily basis for guidance. We must put forth more effort in everything that we do because  what we're currently putting forth is not enough! We must shift our perspective of what we consider to be fun, because when we see and internalize having fun as being obedient to God's word then everything in your life shifts into place. We must understand that we all need each other. We must remain humble. We must make a positive impact in the lives of those around us. We must be willing to serve everyday in order to please God. We must smile and laugh often to please God, because God desires for us to be joyful. We must not be ashamed of the Gospel. We must  spread the good news of God's love as we actively seek to win souls. We must be disciplined in our actions. We must encourage others at all times. If we are to truly please God, then we have to actually focus on pleasing God.That has to be a top priority,when we're making decisions on a daily basis. In order to please God we can not be lazy, it is not even an option! We represent God in everything that we do, so execute every task as if you are doing it for God himself. We also must respect each others differences. In order to please God we should always plant seeds of faith into the lives of everyone we come into contact with. We owe God, so you should always TURN UP YOUR PRAISE. God is worthy of our praise and worship. I pray we have hearts to please God. I pray that our spirits desire to please God. I pray that we're not satisfied until we're pleasing God everyday and in every way. Hallelujah!


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